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12 Days Tour from North, South Kyrgyzstan Bishkek, Osh to Tajikistan Dushanbe via Wakhan,Pamirs.

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan Bishkek,Osh &Tajikistan Pamirs Wakhan,Khorog, Dushanbe!

We look forward to recieve our visitors from middle of April to end of October, even in winter time too, who wants photo safari of winter landscapes and wild life, such as Marco Polo sheep, ibex, fox, wolf, snow leopard,etc.

Dear visitors Welcome to Tajikistan and Pamirs, we would like to share our beautiful scenery, nuture, traditional and ethnic ceremonies, festivals, also an route of your trip visit the historical ancient sights, hot springs sweming pools, museums, botanical gardens, traveling the less traveled gorges,watching seeing the wild life, unsteped beautiful nutures in the eastern Pamirs, Kyrgyz and Tajik nomadic life's. When you are in the summer pasture staying in the yurts there is very basic accommodations.

Information about the area: Estearn Pamir is the high altitude remote place, to beeing there you should have medicaments for altitude sickness, also pack your bagpack fully with your warm and wind proof clothers, extra batteries for your camero, torch lamps, sleeping bag, if you would like sleep in the tent please bring your own tent, during the trip you will miss electricity

In this area traveling basic accommodations and simple typical food menu. We would apriciate your information about your normal use food, we look forward to arrange food by your order.

Our company based in Eastern Pamir Murghab region, we have team of guides and drivers they are very polite and helpful for tourists. Most of guides English speaking, some of the drivers speak in English well, some of them so so, but all the drivers experienced well of location and driving expirience where ever by their well equipped cars.

For this trip we offer three different of four wheel drive cars:

1 Toyota Landcruiser 100 and 105 models.

2 Mitsubishi Pajero.

3 Toyota Haice minibus.

   How we organize your tour

Our driver, will meet you at the airport, railway station or border with a sign with your name and surname on, and will take you to the hotel you have booked. If you request a guide we will provide them - either for specific days or for the whole trip. 

Tour number 1

Pamir Off-Road adventure's 12 days expedition. 

Day 1 Bishkek to Sonkol alpine lake.

Bishkek is a capital city of Country. It is a special administrative unit, and is a city of republican subordination. Old names -Pishpek, Frunze. Population almost 1 000 000. The city is located in the north of Kyrgyzstan, in the  Chui valley at the foothills of the Tienshan, 40 km north, Kyrgyz ridge at an altitude of 700-900 m above sea level, 25 km from the  border with Kazakhstan. The city has an area 127 km2. Our driver and guide will meet you at the hotel or at airport, welcoming you cup of tea and look at the programm then  leave for Sonkol or first quickly sightseeing of town, central squire, museum history, then leave to Sonkol via Tokmok, Kemin, Balikchi, Kochkor, Saribulak,Moldo Ashuu pass, en route including Burana tower in Tokmok, there are Balbal tash stone figuries, Burana tower back to 17th century, museum and handcraft shop, lunch stop in Kochkor, view of the Issikkol lake in Balikchi, Eraly  evening you ll get Sonkol, at the lake nice yurt camp, around the camp take a walk to the lake, enjoy the sun set ponarama views. Stay at yurt Janish. BLD.

 Day 2 Sonkol relaxing day

Today you'd spend full day here with relaxing, doing short trek or horse back riding around the Sonkol lake in the alp unforgettable scenery of the region, lots of flocks of animals  sheep, horse, some yaks as well, hope you'd enjoy this day. Up in the hill very nice views of the lake you can walk up to top or you can drive up with your car and driver. Sonkol lake largest alpine lake,sandwiched in a alley between the internal ridges of the Tien Shan. Located between the rival does and Sonkoltau Mold too, at an altitude of 3016 above sea level in the northwestern part of the Naryn region, after sunset back to the yurt camp again sleep in a yurt.BLD.

Day 3 Sonkol to Osh

Early morning leave for Osh after breakfast it is really long distance but it is spectacularly scenery and you'd see amaze life of Kyrgyz nomad be witness of livestock breeders, agroculting with hand without any machinerring, all these things from Sonkol to Osh via Kazarman, Aktash pass, Jalalabad center town of Jalalabad provience, every few km drive you'd stop for photo and conversation with nomad people, getting to Osh latest day get your room at hotel quickly take a shower after long dasty dirt route make your self fresh and let's go for dinner one of best local Choihona Osh enjoy the delishes meal. Hotel Sunrise. BLD.

Day 4  Osh to peak Lenin Tulparkol lake. 

In the morning you have time till lunch exploring the old city Osh, Solomon's hill, cave museum pilgrims of Sulaiman's passed through this area, at the top of hill ponaramic views of city Osh, visit the local central market it is famous enough in the area Osh market, on Saturday and Sunday there animal market before departure quick visit animal market it will be good enough fun and experience for you, after lunch leave for Tulpar kol via Alai and Chon Alai valley, best scenery of  TienShan and Pamir Alai high mountain transaction, Chiyirchik, Taldik,Katin Art  passes are not high compare the passes tomorrow in Pamir, at that lower passes Kyrgyz people comes with their animals for summer pasture with yurts in the alp, stop for having conversations with that nomad people and taste the Horse milk, cow, yak  milk products such as Airan, Kymyz, Kurut. There your driver will be attentionally look forward to catch the local ceremonies, festivals, horse game as Kokbooru. Get to Tulparkol yurt stay.BLD.

Day 5 Tulparkol to Karakul alp lake 3950m. 

In the morning take a walk around yurt camp have a beatiful scenery of peak Lening and lakes sunrise views from up the hill behind the yurt, after breakfast leave to Pamir Karakul lake, today you'd cross the country borders, each border control will take half an hour, after Kyrgyz border rive up to Kyzyl art pass 4282 m, at the top of the pass welcoming sign of Tajikistan Pamir stop for photo, there also border control check points, across the border an half an hour you ll see the largest lake Karakul, enjoy the beatiful landscape of the area, there is a small village 800 people lives, after lunch explore the village walk to the lake, see the high mountains, home stay Saadat.BLD.

Day 6 Karakul to Murghab

Today you'd drive through second highest pass Akbaital 4655m, en route visit the First Russian fort belongs to 1873 years, before Russians came that building was a caravansarray during the Silk Road, at the top of pass have a break, photo and short hike, before getting Murghab you'd visit one of  alp summer pasture Gumbezkol in the Pishart valley be there couple of hours see the yaks and be witness of of nomad life, then drive to Murghab town it is a capital town of the region, population 17000 , majority is Kyrgyz people, home stay Eraly.BLD.

Day 7 Murghab to Jartygumbez, Mashaly.

Today you ll have chance to travel the wilderness area and real nomadic postural life through less stepped remote  summer pasture in the high altitude. In the morning sightseeing of Murghab town, local market, central squire Lenin statue, handcraft women community hand made products shop, having conversations with local poeple, then leave to Jartygumbez via Shahkty cave rock paintings and wild life watch such as Ibex, Marcopolo sheep, fox, wolf, etc. get to Jartygumbez there is a nice swimming warm pool have swim  and relax after lunch drive up to Mashaly summer  pasture altitude is 4250m, there yurt camp, you ll see the Pamirs yaks, sheep,goat, enjoy the amazing landscape, you can walk around the yurt camp, feel the wilderness quite time and fresh air. Sleep in the yurt.BLD.

Day 8 Mashaly to Alichor via Kenshiber.

After breakfast leave for Alichor via Kenshiber, Belayrik pass 4320m, From Mashaly drive by car couple of hours early then have to walk to the Belayrik gorge till top the Belayrik pass end of the gorge the hiking distance approcs 12 km return way it will be take 4hourse trek, during the trek perhaps you' see Marcopolo sheep, Today you ll have 3,4 hours early trekking up to  Belayrik pass at the top view of the Zorkul lake (Victoria lake) this lake situated in the middle of Tajikistan and Afghanistan border very wilderness and full of different kind of birds, fishes in the lake, get to the view of the lake at the top of pass then walk back to the car and continue your trip to Alichor village via Chatirtash tash, Akbalik at a holy spring with lot of fishes there stop for photo an route you'd see many yurt camps if you want visit the one of yurt camp have a cup of tea, have a conversation with people, get to Alichor village home stay Tursunbai.BLD.

Day 9 Alichor to Yamgchun in the Wakhan valley. 

From Alichor leave for Wakhan valley via Khargush pass 4235m, through the Langar, Vrang,Yamg, villages, an route of first steps let visit the beautiful lakes Bulunkul,Yashilkul then Khargush pass from there to Langar you follow the Afghan border perhaps you'd see Afghan caravans across the Panjanj river, at lunch time get to Langar after lunch kl imbuing the hill for seeing the petroglyphs face of the rock there are hundred of petroglyphs, it will be take one an half hours then continue the trip to Yamgchun an route visit the Buda stupa in Vrang village, Sufi museum in Yamg village, drive up to gorge top of the pass you stop for sightseeing of Yamgchun fortress then get to the guesthouse Pamir it is near by Biby Fotima hot spring there is a swimming pool have nice swim and relax at the beautiful gorge seeing the Hindu Kush high mountains. Guesthouse.BLD.

Day 10 Wakhan Yamchun to Khorog via Ishkashim.

Early morning leave to Khorog via Darshai shrine and in Namangud Kakha fortress, Ishkashim center town of Wakhan valley there you'd have lunch then leave for Khorog via Garmchashma canyon quickly drive in to the canyon for sightseeing and leave to Khorog town, in Khorog visit the Botanical garden top of the mountain there is ponaramic a view of the town, also see the garden with many different of trees, flowers, if you have time visit the local museum, market, Guesthouse Laalmo. BLD.

Day 11 Khorog to Khalaikum.    

Today you ll have chance to see the Afghan poeple in the market if if is Saturday every Saturday in Khorog and in Ishkashim there is market between Tajik and Afghan's, before to leave Khalaikum visit the Afghan market for couple of hours early then leave to Khalaikum via Rushan village and cross the Bartang river by the bridge, Vanj river and Vanj valley, across the river Panjanj Afghanistan whole day scenery of Afghan side see the poeple which they are swimming in the strong follows dirt river Panj, poeple are both country have Islamic dress and long beard because these two countries poeple are Muslim, spectacular scenery of the landscape in this area you ll have lot of experiences and it will be one of the interesting unforgettable trip in your life. Get Khalaikum home stay Roma.BLD.

Day 12 Khalaikum to Dushanbe via Kulob.           

In the morning  and Dolores the small town Khalaikum after  breakfast leave for Dushanbe via souther route Kulob the first 100km you have chance see the Afghan villages after Shurobod pass get to Kulob visit the historical sight of Mirsaidaali Hamodonie's museum and Madrassas complex, lunch in Kulob, next stop in Khulbuk there is a Khulbuk fortress belongs to the 9, 11 th centuries. Then to Dushanbe through Sharshar pass and tunnel top of the pass views of the Nurak dam, the lake is green color looks spectacularly scenery  from the pass, welcome to Dushanbe capital city of  Tajikistan. Hotel will be booked by your preference.BL.

Thanks a lot for your choice!


At your discretion, we can change the tour details.

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