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Our 8 Day Pamir Highway Itinerary

This tour starts from Osh, Kyrgystan and finishes in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Our driver will meet you at the airport, railway station, border or hotel with a sign with your name.





Day 1: Osh to Peak Lenin Tulparkol Lake. 

In the morning we will explore the old city of Osh including Solomon's hill, a cave museum which pilgrims of Sulaiman's passed through many years ago and the local central famous market. From Solomon's hill you can get panoramic views of the city. After lunch we leave for Tulparkol via Alai and Chon Alai valley. Here you will get the best scenery of TienShan and Pamir Alai high mountains. In these lower passes Kyrgyz nomads comes with their animals for summer with yurts and we can stop for having conversations and taste the horse, cow, and yak  milk products such as Airan, Kymyz and Kurut. We will also try to find some local ceremonies such as festivals and horse games such as Kokbooru to experience. Tongith there is a Tulparkol yurt stay. BLD

Day 2: Tulparkol to Karakul alp lake 3950m. 

In the morning we can take a walk around the yurt camp to see the beatiful scenery of peak Lenin and sunrise views over the lake from up the hill behind the yurt. After breakfast we leave to the Pamir region to Karakul lake so we must crossy a border. Each border control station will take approximately half an hour. After this we drive up to the Kyzyl Art pass @4,282 m,. At the top of the pass we can stop for photos. Soon you'll see the largest lake in Tajikistan, Lake Karakul. This is an incredibly beautiful place and we can enjoy this. There is a small village of 800 people here which will also be a very unique experience for you. After lunch we will explore the village and walk to the lake. We stay at homestay Saadat. BLD

Day 3: Karakul to Murghab.

Today we'll drive over the second highest pass, Akbaital at 4,655m. En route we will visit the First Russian fort belongs from 1873. Before Russian's came this building was a caravansarray during the Silk Road era. Before getting to Murghab you'll visit one of the mountain summer pastures (Gumbezkol) in the Pishart valley. We will be there a couple of hours to see the yaks and be witness nomad life then drive to Murghab town. This capital town is my hometown and has a population of 17,000 of which the majority are Kyrgyz people. We will stay at homestay Eraly. BLD

Day 4: Murghab to Jartygumbez, Mashaly.

Today you'll have the chance to see real and remote nomadic postural life summer at a high altitude. In the morning we visit the local handicraft shop, the market (built out of old shipping containers) and the famous Lenin statue. We then leave to Jartygumbez via the Shahkty cave rock paintings in a stunning offroad valley and wild life watch for Ibex, Marcopolo sheep, fox, wolf, Once at Jartygumbez there is a nice warm swimming pool so we can relax. After lunch we drive up to Mashaly summer pasture at 4,250m where there is a yurt camp. You'll see the Pamir yaks, sheep and goats and enjoy the amazing landscape. Sleep in the yurt. BLD

Day 5: Mashaly to Wakhan Valley Langar via Zorkol (along the spectacular Afghanistan border).

After breakfast we leave Langar via lake Zorkul which is an interesting day driving offroad. Accross the river Afghan poeple live in yurts at their summer passtures. In the afternoon we get to main rotue to Langar and stop for photography of the lanscape, to see the Ratm fort wich belongs to 1st and 2nd century BC. In the early evening we get to Langar and stay at homestay Misha. BLD

Day 6: Langar to Yamchun (along the spectacular Afghanistan border).

From Langar we follow the Afghan border and you may see Afghan caravans across the Panj river. After lunch we visit petroglyphs before continuing to Yamgchun and en route we visit the Budha stupa in Vrang village and the Sufi museum in Yamg village. We then drive up a gorge to the top of a pass to see Yamgchun fortress before arriving at guesthouse Pamir which is situated near Biby Fotima hot springs where we can swim and relax with views of the Hindu Kush mountains. Guesthouse Pamir. BLD

Day 7: Khorog to Khalaikum (along the spectacular Afghanistan border).

Today if we are here on a Sateurday you'll have the chance to see the Afghan poeple at the famous Ishkashim market which is between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.  We then leave leave to Khalaikum via Rushan village and cross the Bartang River by the bridge. The whole day we will have views across the river Panj into Afghanistan which shows spectacular scenery. Get to Khalaikum home stay Roma. BLD

Day 8: Khalaikum to Dushanbe via Kulob.           

In the morning we explore Khalaikum and after breakfast we leave for Dushanbe via the southern route Kulob. The first 100km you have chance to see the Afghan villages again. After Shurobod pass we get to Kulob and visit the historical sight of Mirsaidaali Hamodonie's museum and Madrassas complex. Lunch is in Kulob and our next stop is in Khulbuk where there is a fortress belonging to the 9 and 11th century. Then we go to Dushanbe through the Sharshar pass and tunnel and get great views of the Nurak dam. The lake is green in colorand there is great scenery. welcome to Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan. Accommodation will be booked and paid for by yourself. BL


At your discretion, we can change the tour details.



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