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The Classic Pamir Highway Road Trip


The Pamir Highway is the world's second highest international road and runs from DushanbeTajikistan to OshKyrgyzstan through the Gorno-Badakhshan  Autonomous (GBAO) Province. This famous highway follows the same route as the Silk Road and crosses a number of mountain ranges, deserts, valleys and lakes as well as going through many small villages. For this tour we only use 4x4 jeep's  which are well equipped to cope with the challenging terrain (Toyota Landcruser 80,100 or 105 series or Mitsubishi Pajero or Opel Montereo). These trips also include accomodation, food, bottled water and entry fees for places we visit (excluding Tajikistan visa and GBAO permit). If you desire, we can reduce the cost by providing you with just a driver (not a guide) and let you organise your own accomodation etc.

On this trip we share with you our untouched beautiful scenery, nature, traditional and ethnic ceremonies, ancient historical sights, hot springs swiming pools, museums, botanical gardens and traditional nomadic life.

We offer various lengths of the trip (see below) to suit your needs. The tours follow a similar route along the Pamir Highway and all travel through Tajikistan and Krgystan. Please note the tour price is not stated here because these are approximate itineraries and are often adjusted by our clients. Price can be discussed once the trip is selected. The best time for our classic Pamir Highway trips is between April and October, however we do offer this trip year round. During the winter this trip is more specailsed towards stunning winter landscapes and wildlife such as snow leopards, ibix, marco polo sheep, foxes, wolves etc.





16 -18 Days         Starting at the Uzbekistan border, finishing in North Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek): CLICK HERE

8 -10 -12 Days   Starting in Bishkek & Osh, finishing in Tajikistan (Dushanbe): CLICK HERE

9 Days                   Starting in Dushanbe, finishing in South Krgystan (Osh) via Wakhan Valley: CLICK HERE

5-7 Days             Starting in Dushanbe, finishing in Osh: CLICK HERE

5 Days                    From Osh to Dushanbe via Pamirs: CLICK HERE

8 Days                 From Osh to Dushanbe via Pamirs, Murghab, Lake Zorkul & Wakhan valley: CLICK HERE



Other Offroad Adventure Trips


Our offroad adventure trips focus more on specific areas and getting off the main road. These trips are highly flexible and for example they usually explore remote areas to see more wildlife and witness more nomadic pastoral life.

                                                        THE NEW TOURS FOR 2023     

                                                             AROUND TAJIKISTAN


8 Days  Special tour via  Bartang valley :                                                            CLICK HERE 

7 Days   Tour srarts from Dushanbe to Karakul and via Wakhan back to Dushanbe: CLICK HERE


Trekking and Hiking Trips

Our Trekking and Hiking trips may include riding horses and yaks and small or long hikes, all up to the client. Transport is still provided by our jeeps to get between trekking locations.

4 Days                 Tour around the stunning Murghab region: CLICK HERE 
2 Days                 Tour around the stunning Murghab region: CLICK HERE 
4 Days                 Tour around the stunning xyz region: CLICK HERE
4 Days                     Tour around the stunning Murghab region: CLICK HERE 
For our recommended (general) packing list please CLICK HERE

Summer Trekking (Sarygorum) @4,250m

Trekking at Gesiev Canyon   

  Gesiev canyon



 Climbing Over 4,500m

 Horse Trekking

view of peak Engels & Marcks  6300m high.

Yak Riding

Marco Polo Sheep & Winter Landscape



Gesiev canyon


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