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5 Day Offroad Tour to Jartygubez

This trip starts and ends in Murghab. Murghab is easily reached by share taxi or we can also arrange transport for you. 

Day 1: Murghab to Jolborluk

Today we drive to Jolborluk. First we see several lakes of Rankul as well as exploring a small village. In this village we visit the school childrens handicraft museum and after lunch we leave to Jolborluk which is a summertime pasture with nomadic life. Stay in yurt. BLD.

Day 2: Jolborluk to Jartygubez via meteor crater and observatory

An incredible view of the Chinese mountains from the observatory. Warm swimming and relaxing at a natual hot spring. Stay at gusthouse Kuban. BLD

Day 3: Jartygubez to Sarygorum

A couple of hours driving off the road and we arrive at aother summertime pasture. We then have a small hike for a couple of hours where we will be surrounded by local life and ride yak's etc. Stay at yurt. BLD

Day 4: Sarygorum to Murghab via Shakhty Cave

When visiting Shakhty cave we need to drive off road. This cave is in an absolutely stunning barren valley with snow capped hills. You may never see anything like this vast valley ever again. Stay in Eraly guesthouse. BLD


Day 5: Murghab to Pishart Valley

Off road driving to get to Pishart valley, which is incredibly beautiful with mountains the shades of various purples and greens. This valley is ideal for treks of any challenge and you can also visit yurts depending on the time of year.  BL


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