Pamir offroad adventures
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Packing List

In our Pamir Highway trips we cross many different environments including high altitude passes. For this reason you should prepare for any weather conditions. As an example, even in the summer we can get snow and sub zero temperatures at high altitudes and warm weather in the same day. Please take some warm and wind proof clothes for this reason and do not forget suitable footwear.

Another thing to consider is we may not always have electricty every night, however most homestays in 2019 do. If you are concerned, consider bringing a portable battery pack etc. Another recommended item is a head torch. 

There is a small chance that you may experience symptoms of altitidue sickness, however this happens to very few people and is not something to be worried about. If you desire, you can take some medication for altitude sickness with you.

For our trekking trips please bring your basic trekking equipment such as sleeping bag and sleeping matt. Tents and cooking equipment will be provided by us.


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